Introducing the SentinelX NFC

Boosted Rewards on Every Geomine. Sleek, silent, and battery-free for the smoothest SentinelX experience yet.

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Earn 10% From Friends

Use a SentinelX NFC with COIN's SentinelX Sharing Feature to earn 10% of a friend's Geomines. Works for COIN Basic accounts, too!

Start Maximizing Rewards

Sentinels = Relaxing Rewards

Let your SentinelX maximize rewards whenever you're relaxing.

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On-The-Go Rewards with COIN

The SentinelX NFC's practical design is perfect to keep your device nearby. Scan for a temporary Geomining Boost, or assign a Referral Link for straightforward referrals.

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Join the Global Community

Bring XYO and COIN App with you, all around the world!

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